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Hans-Jürgen Gerung (*1960)


1975 until 1979

Apprenticeship as a machinist

1979 to 1980

Secondary school leaving certificate - vocational college

1980 to 1982

Subject-related higher education entrance qualification - vocational secondary school

1982 to 1983

Alternative military service - Malteser Hilfsdienst


Gerung studied physics from 1983 to 1984 at the University of Technology of Munich, changed in 1984 to the Leopold Mozart Conservatorium in Augsburg and studied guitar with Franz Mayr-Musiol and trumpet with Wolfgang Siegert. The study ended in 1988 followed by an even longer, more intense period of study focused on the lute music of Johann Sebastian Bach; aim was the development of a suitable guitar instrument for the faithful representation of these works on a modern sound-tool.

After numerous attempts a complete edition of Bach's works BWV 995 till BWV 1000 and BWV 1006a arranged for 10-string guitar of the novel bass register tuning: G; F; C; D; E, A; d, g, b, e’ for which the Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Institut-Göttingen pronounced their respect. 

In the years from 1994 to 1998 his studies followed the interpretation of contemporary music with Prof. Christoph Jäggin (Switzerland).  Through his mediation Gerung began studying composition as a student of Hans Ulrich Lehmann (Switzerland)

In 1999 he presented himself to M° Sylvano Bussotti and remained his student until 2005. Bussotti recommended him among other things to Mary de Rachewiltz and Fabio Boccagni as a scholarship holder of Tempo Reale di Merano at the Brunnenburg-castle of Merano.  During his stay Gerung wrote among other things the micro teatro Orfeo for the flautist Prof. Luisa Sello, the music to the sculpture park Faenza of the sculptor Alessandra Bonoli  Al di fuori delle Mappe for diverse speakers and various guitars. He also wrote the work for solo flute and speaker ensembles Tre Haiku after the poetry  of Mary de Rachewiltz. Finally the cycle for mixed chamber choir, solo guitar and speaker's ensemble amoremorte-gesualdo which became the basis of the film of the same name by Marco Agostinelli. Moreover, Agostinelli used in his film Diario Novecento soundtracks from Gerung’s work La Commedia dell‘arte.

In the summer of 1999, Sylvano Bussotti wrote for Gerung, the piece Ermafrodito for guitar solo and in that same year it came within the scope of an advance presentation on the occasion of a conference in the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini in Florence. Gerung was given the exclusive performance rights for 10 years. Luca Veggetti choreographed the score in 2002 and premiered it in the Teatro Carignano on the 10th of May, in Turin together with the Balletto Teatro di Torino. At the request of the same Luca Veggetti, a large part of Bussotti’s ballet-cycle Φαίδρα / HELIOGABALUS (composed in the period between 1976 – 1981) was transformed to a new version for solo-guitar in 2004 in a Gerung-Bussotti coproduction. RICORDI has finally approved this guitar arrangement about the ballet Phaedra-cycle and released it for a series of concerts (2020).

An international concert activity led among other things to cooperation with artists like Arturo Tamayo and the Orchestre Philharmonique de Luxembourg, with the singers Sarah Leonhard, Ian Caley and Daniel Gloger, with the ensemble cantissimo under Markus Utz, the Schola Romana Ensemble under Stefano Sabene, with the Minguet- and the Stadler-Quartett. Premieres of his works were to be heard among others at the Contemporanea di Udine, at the ECLAT Festival Stuttgart or at the Festival Internacional de Música Clássica Contamporánea de Lima. Composers like the Finnish author Harri Suilamo, the Japanese composer Mai Fukasawa, the Russian composer Boris Yoffe and the German Helmut Oehring wrote for Gerung and his works were broadcasted by various European radio transmitters like BR, SWR, RAI, Ö2, Radio France.

Gerungs founded in 2000 the publisher edition-gerung  and in 2000  the Gerung-Arts&Music  - a label which stands for contemporary arts in composition, concert, painting and graphics.

Between 2001 and 2002, the Requiem RITUS - for vocal quintet and woodwinds - was created in memory of the victims of September 11th. President George W. Bush expresses his gratitude on behalf of the American people - a copy of the score is in the White House.


Gerung ended his career as an interpreter many years ago and devoted himself entirely to the composition and his job as artistic director of the international festival forum of contemporary music – oberstdorf. The festival was founded in 2006 on the initiative of Gerung by the municipality Oberstdorf. The mediation of contemporary chamber music works to young students is the focus of this yearly work taking place in March.


Since April 1st, 2022 Gerung is director of the municipal music school in Oberstdorf.

In the desire to bring together individual disciplines like painting, graphics, sculptural creating, dance and literature in new works Gerung works together as a freelance composer internationally with young artists and with the international Glas Trösch Group (Switzerland)

Hans-Jürgen Gerung lives with his family in southern Bavaria.







Releases 2021

The Holy Week Triptych

ein neues Album von Gerung-Arts&Music mit sakraler Chormusik interpretiert von dem herausragenden ensemble cantissimo unter der Leitung von Prof. Markus Utz
Das Album wird am 20.05. 2021 auf allen gängigen Plattformen veröffentlicht.

o vos omnes I - II - III






74,1 und 82,2

aus Choralis constantinus:
Haec dies sowie Pascha nostrum immolatus est Christus, alleluia
aus dem Tagebuch der Alessandra Bonoli
Rezension des Albums durch Prof. Andrea Bedetti auf


The Holy Week Triptych

a new album by Gerung-Arts & Music with sacred choral music interpreted by the outstanding ensemble cantissimo under the direction of Prof. Markus Utz
The album will be released on May 20th. Published on all major platforms in 2021.


o vos omnes I - II - III





74.1 and 82.2
from Choralis constantinus:
Haec dies as well as Pascha nostrum immolatus est Christ, alleluia
from the diary of Alessandra Bonoli



Streichquartett Nr. 2: Hölderlin - im Turm, op. 45. Werkbesprechung durch Prof. Andrea Bedetti auf

String Quartet No. 2: Hölderlin - im Turm, op. 45. Work review by Prof. Andrea Bedetti on

Zusammenarbeit mit dem Lehrstuhl für Choreografie der  Accademia Nazionale di Danza (Rom).

Leitung: Professor Sandra Fuciarelli.

Collaboration with the Chair of Choreography of the Accademia Nazionale di Danza (Rome).

Head: Professor Sandra Fuciarelli.

Neue Rezension (Jan. 2021) in der italienischen Presse von Prof. Renzo Cresti zur Veröffentlichung von Gerung-ArtsMusic

ULTMA RARA - The Bussotti Circle

New review (Jan. 2021) in the Italian press byProf Renzo Cresti about:

ULTMA RARA - The Bussotti Circle

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